Video Tutorial – Materials: Fireline

Video Tutorial – Materials: Fireline

Fireline is a great beading thread although it was developed as a fishing line so it comes in many strengths. The main ones used in beadwork are 4lb and 6lb. It’s strong and quite resilient when using crystals (even good quality crystals like Swarovski can occasionally have a sharp edge which could cut the beading thread)! Smoke coloured Fireline is a very neutral colour and goes well with many bead colours and shades except very pale colours and transparent beads where you really don’t want the thread to show. Fireline comes on spools from 50 – 3000 yds! Obviously the larger the spool, the less expensive per yard. Most good craft suppliers stock it, but you can often find it costing slightly less on Angling and Sports sites.

In this video I’m wearing:

Morgan Le Fay necklace in the Jet/Light Siam colourway (…).

I’ll be teaching Morgan Le Fay in a 2-day workshop at The Great British Bead Show in May 2013.
Link to book the class:

Morgan Le Fay Kits will be available in Crystal CAL/Padparadscha, Golden Shadow/Crystal Copper, Jet/Light Siam, Antique Pink/Amethyst – for more information follow the link to the Morgan Le Fay page in my Gallery. They’re not in the shop yet, but they will be available at the Great British Bead Show. Email me for further information.

Kiku Ring.

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Materials used:
Nymo thread Size D – Stitchncraft
Size 12 needle – Stitchncraft
Miyuki Size 11 seed beads – Stitchncraft
Matsuno Size 8 seed beads – GJ Beads


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