July 2009

As the blossom is starting to fill the trees again and hyacinths and daffodils are all around, I got out my Spring Floral bracelet which I’ve realised isn’t in the Gallery yet). I’m also feeling very upbeat as I’ve finished all the photography and writing for quite a few workshops.

In the bracelet, I wanted to try and capture the character of convulvulus vines entwined around a garden fence, but soon got carried away with many colours.

I had a lot of fun working on Eclectica! when I had the odd moment. If I go on a train journey or long haul as a passenger in the car, it’s so easy to grab a Swarovski rivoli and put together some size 11º and 15º seed beads and crystals and come up with a new and unique ‘wheel’. It also helps if I don’t have others with me, so I’m forced to try a different approach each time.

Having made Gorgeous Giorgio and Celestine (you’ll soon see them, although I can’t reveal them yet), I went a bit mad on stone donuts and have amassed a few (-ish). I am going to explore these further.

Just a thought – was I silly or what? My turquoise amphora is with the Beadworkers Guild stand to display along with everything turquoise (also my Sea version of the Fantasy Garden Cuff). When I said it was to be a workshop, I think it was Sylvia who asked me why I hadn’t submitted it for 2009, and I said that I hadn’t been aware they were waiting for workshop submissions. I’d only focused on submitting for the GBBS! I just misunderstood their gumph. So I’m putting Amphoras together as a workshop asap.