Video Beading Tutorial: Tips & Tricks – Protect Your Crystal Cabochons

Video Beading Tutorial: Tips & Tricks – Protect Your Crystal Cabochons

It can be soul-destroying when you’ve put so much hard work into making a treasured piece of jewellery, and you notice it has started to deteriorate. Have you ever noticed how older crystals have lost their sparkle and when you turn them over you can see that the foil-backing has chipped away or rubbed off. This can be due to repeated bumps, or knocking them on a hard surface or even the action of some body creams and perfumes. The foil is susceptible to acids and the alcohol carriers in perfumes and hairsprays, so it needs to be protected. Well in this video I show you one really simple way of preventing that heartbreak; all you need to do is mount the crystals face down on a blob of Blu-tack and paint the foil backing with a coat of clear nail varnish. Told you it was simple! Then you can leave them to dry while you get on with your beadwork.

In this video I’m wearing:
Morgan Le Fay necklace, made with size 15º Miyuki seed beads and size 15º Czech Charlotte seed beads, embellished with Swarovski crystals. Morgan Le Fay is available as a kit or pattern only.

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Materials used in this video:

14mm Swarovski Rivoli (#1122)
10mm Swarovski Space Cut Fancy Stone (#4854)
Clear Nail Varnish



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