Video Tutorial – Materials: Needle Sizes

Video Tutorial – Materials: Needle Sizes

In this video I discuss needle sizes and choosing the right ones to use for different bead sizes. The needles range from size 10 to size 16 and the seed beads range from size 8 to size 20. A helpful guide is: the larger the number the smaller the size – that goes for needles as well as beads!

In this video I’m wearing:

Isabella necklace in the Aqua colourway.

I’ll be teaching the Isabella design at:
The Bead & Button Show in June 2013.
Link to book the class.

The Great British Bead Show in May 2013.
Link to book the class:

Isabella Kits will be available in Dorado, Topaz, Bermuda Blue, Aqua and Peridot – for more information follow the link to the Isabella page in my Gallery.

Crystal Finger Candy Ring.

Emilie bracelet: Made with Swarovski bi-cone crystals and Miyuki seed beads. I will also be teaching the Emilie design at the Bead & Button Show, 2013.
Link to book the class.

Materials used:
Materials used:
Sizes 10 – 15 needles – Stitchncraft
Size 16 needle by S. Thomas & Sons – Beadcats
Miyuki Size 11 seed beads – Stitchncraft
Czech Charlottes Size 15 – Boundless Beads
Czech Size 20 seed beads – Beadcats

Links to suppliers:
Boundless Beads


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