Workshops in 2013

Workshops in 2013

Perhaps a little late but Happy Beady New Year everyone, let’s hope we all have more time to bead and create!

It’s about time I blogged again as it’s only been, Oh about, 6 months Eeeeeek! Apart from the excitement of the Bead & Button Show last June and seeing old beading buddies (and making new ones) at workshops and shows, 2012 was a rather stressful year and I’m glad to have a fresh start.

To all those who have booked the Isabella necklace workshop with me for this year, please can you let me know (email me) if you are going to be buying a kit and/or the crystals from me, because demand is increasing and I don’t want anyone to miss out.

By the way, I finally finished the Aqua version of Isabella (shown here), instead of going for the ‘Ice Queen’ glacial colourway (which would’ve been a bit obvious), I’ve taken it to what I can only describe as ‘Stormy Petrol’!

Aqua version of Isabella necklace by Melanie de MiguelThe trouble is I really don’t know which version I like best – I think for my colouring the Dorado is best, having said that, the Topaz one is amazing with a tan, but then again when I wear my long green dress the Peridot one is perfect….and I have a blue top which is fab with the Bermuda Blue and the Aqua…. Arrrrggghh! Thank goodness I didn’t make things worse by buying the Black Diamond, Crystal, Crystal CAL, Golden Shadow and Silver Shade crystals. I’ve got to admit, I did come close!


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