Bits and Bobs

Bits and Bobs

I’m getting to grips with this new web site programme – about time too! I’ve now put up Gallery pages for my Medici Collection and the Morgan Le Fay necklace.

So many designs, so little time! Having worked 3 different colourways for the Lorenzo bracelet, I’m putting together a number of different colour kits which will be available later in the year. But there are still more Medici variations to put together – no time to sleep!

Contessa Earrings

Last night I had a go at something that’s been niggling away at me for a long time. A miniature version of the Morgan pendant using a 14mm Cosmic Ring (Swarovski 4139). It’s OK, but I’m going a step further and working it next time with my adorable little size 21⁰ seed beads, because the beads cover too much of the ring.

Whilst sourcing the crystal squares for Lorenzo last year, I came across some utterly gorgeous crystal rectangles called Jet Nut which are 23x16mm (Swarovski 4582 Step Cut Fancy Stones) and look like twinkling pieces of chocolate from a bar. Stunning. I can’t wait to settle down one night and really get to grips with them – I did have a go on the train into town last week and was quite pleased with what I made. Just a few tweaks and I’ll have the basics sorted out (see Caterina necklace).

Having managed to miss a lot of Dangerous Beaders meetings last year because I was so busy in the office, I was really looking forward to the February one and, lo and behold, it was cancelled because of the snow!

I thought this might be of interest to many of you – I bought a large reel of 3lb Fireline in smoke colour, and have been trying it out. It’s noticeably finer than the 4lb and the waxy coating tends to strip away fairly quickly. However if you are using it in short lengths for smaller beads and a little project, then it’s really useful.

And finally, I sourced 3 lovely turquoise/green shades of stone donut for darling Giorgio and they are going into my shop.


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