Playing with a New Digital Camera

Playing with a New Digital Camera

Aladdin Beaded Bottle by Melanie de Miguel

My husband has a new digital camera and has been testing it out on some of my beadwork. I liked this shot of my Aladdin Beaded Bottle, so I think I’ll use it in my instructions for the Beaded Bottles Great Escapes weekend workshop in September.

Victoria Earrings by Melanie de Miguel

He also took this image of my new Victoria Earrings.  The idea for them started life as experimental feet for an octagonal dish I am making, in snowy crystal colours with 6mm rounds (Swarovski 5000). But as soon as I’d made one, I wanted to see what it would look like in Golden Shadow 10mm rounds with bronze Charlottes. Of course then I had to make a pair! I love how you can see the seed beads through the large crystals and they reminded me of Victorian gas lamps – I nearly called them Fanny by Gaslight after the 1944 film (the title stuck in my mind, I think because my grandmother used to call me that whenever I was a little bit naughty – she’d say “Come on Fanny-by-Gaslight it’s time to get to bed”). Boy just blogging that has dredged up some memories! I’ve got to write this up as a project and make up a few more pairs in different colours, they’re so delicate and pretty. I’d also better get a move on and finish my octagonal dish – I don’t want any more UFOs populating my workmat, it’s getting a bit crowded!




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