Let's Hubble by Melanie de Miguel

Hubble Stitch is here!

Let's Hubble by Melanie de Miguel

I just arrived back from an intensive 4 days at the Great British Bead Show, which was one of the most exciting for me. Not only was I teaching 3 fun but challenging workshops and catching up with dear old beady friends, but I was also launching Let’s Hubble! my new book. Hubble is a brand new beadwork stitch and my philosophy on beading is that the more stitches and techniques we have under our belts, the better we can attack a project and tailor it to perfection! I’ve now been Hubbling for about 2 years; I absolutely love working this stitch and have so much more to look into and develop. Since returning from the GBBS, I’m delighted to say that I’ve had an amazing amount of wonderful feedback about Hubble stitch from beadworkers and I’m looking forward to seeing images of everyone’s Hubble projects on my Hubble Stitch page on Facebook.

Let's Hubble book launch at the Great British Bead Show
Let’s Hubble book launch at the Great British Bead Show

The book is Half Canadian bound so it’s user-friendly, and lies open where you leave it – great for craftworkers; it’s packed with tips, all presented in a fun and friendly style, to help you feel as if you’re in a creative and dynamic beading workshop. You will soon be incorporating this wonderfully lacy and extraordinarily adaptable stitch into your beading world. To help you learn and practise Hubble, the book contains 12 beautiful projects including a variety of glamorous bracelets and cuffs, gorgeous earrings, a spectacular vortex necklace for spectacles, Hubble ropes, a sparkly crystal scarf ring and finally the Solar Flare – a lovely little versatile beaded element using lots of Hubble techniques combined. Let’s Hubble! is currently available on Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones and all good beadwork suppliers.




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