The Beaders Color Mixing Directory

The Beaders Color Mixing Directory

Following a stressful Christmas and January, I am slowly returning to normality with the exception of not allowing myself the time to even pick up a single bead. However this must change as I have charged myself with the task of producing another version of the Fantasy Garden Cuff as a teaching aid for my workshop in May at the Great British Bead Show.

I want to thank Sandra Wallace for inviting me to display some of my work in her ‘Beader’s Color Mixing Directory’ – it was a thrill to see my pieces in print!



I am watching the weeks and months go by and looking forward to the time when I no longer have to do the school run for my daughter Louise. I love my time with her on the journey, but it’s 10 hours a week spent in the car! Roll on July (more beading time).

It’s so frustrating having to finish something to a schedule when there are other ideas bubbling away beneath the surface, and you’re just itching to start working on something new. I made a fan one day which I turned into a scallop shell with a little pearl in the centre. As I had gardens in mind already I envisaged the shell in amongst a bed of seaweed and instantly knew I had to make an Octopus’ Garden – but not before I’d finished the Sea Green Cuff. I’m not sure how many hours sleep I actually achieved in March and April, but I finished the bracelet, complete with 2 Octopodes, 2 starfish, 2 jellyfish, 1 anemone, 1 coral and a sea slug all inhabiting a seaweed frond, and a little golden sea horse toggle. Now all I’ve got to do is remember how I did it and write it up! This is the one part of beading where I have a love/hate relationship. I love the creative process, but hate it when I forget to write stuff down as I go along! You’d think I’d have learned by now.

I also finished the second Fantasy Garden Cuff in sea colours and have been gleefully wearing it. At the same time I’ve been writing the workshop instructions to go with it.