The Tsarina’s Jewels – Great Escapes weekend

Tatiana Bracelet - Luminous Green and Bronze

The Tsarina’s Jewels – Great Escapes weekend

I am really a very lucky girl. Having just got back from a lengthy holiday break, just the two of us, sailing the seven seas (well mostly a bit of the Atlantic), I’ve returned to reality, but also to one of my favourite times of year. September and October are not only ablaze with glorious, changing colours, but also my workshops diary is chocabloc and I just love teaching!

Captain and crew (that's me)
Captain and crew (that’s me). Sailing off the coast of northern France.
Sunrise, sailing out of St Malo
Sunrise, sailing out of St Malo. Just beautiful. Time for breakfast!










A Great Escapes weekend is also something to really look forward to as we not only have lots of fun beadwise, but also socially. There’s something about spending time in a workshop room with a group of like-minded people that helps to forge lovely friendships. Also stunning surroundings, terrific nosh and a beautiful venue help considerably! Hence, I’m in anticipation of a fab weekend teaching the Tsarina’s Jewels; I’ve brought together the Tsarina Reversible Lariat and Tatiana Bracelet and Earrings for a challenging bead-in at Barnett Hill in Guildford, 17-19th October.

I’ll be bringing kits, beads and plenty of salty sea dog tales – Arrrrrr!


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