Wearing my Luisa set!

Wearing my Luisa set!

Luisa Earrings and PendantRecently my daughter Louise and I went to a lecture at the Wellcome Collection, and she took this picture of me – it was the first time that I wore my Luisa de Medici earrings and pendant. I love them – the Light Siam is so vivid and deep.

Incidentally, if you have the opportunity to go to the Wellcome Collection, it has fabulous exhibitions that encompass both science and art, from the mediaeval to the modern. A wonderful source of inspiration.

Back to R&D of the beadwork design sort: OK, so what I thought was “a few tweaks and I’m almost there”, is not quite the case. I’m in serious need of some good quality sleep, because I didn’t want this beating me. Fortunately I had an absolute beady epiphany in the shower Saturday (a beady one), which was the answer to the problem I kept encountering. So I’m now well on the way with those magnificent Swarovski Jet Nut rectangles I bought (4582). I worked 3 and wondered if I should stop there and produce a fairly delicate necklace of 3 central chunkies – but no. I worked another 2 and asked myself the same question, then my daughter, Gemma (who always favours minimalist, delicate things), said “You can’t just leave it there, you must make an entire collar of them, to make it really grand”. I didn’t expect her to say that! So, on I plod (see Caterina necklace now complete!).


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