Video Tutorial – Techniques: Ladder Stitch

Video Tutorial – Techniques: Ladder Stitch

In this video I demonstrate Ladder Stitch. This is such an important foundation stitch as a starting point for some other stitches e.g., Brick Stitch and Herringbone Stitch; it’s also a great way of extending beadwork, so it’s important structurally. One of the most fun things about Ladder Stitch that I love about it, is that the bead holes present themselves along both sides of the ladder of beads. That means there are possibilities of stitching  from both sides of the bead ladder.

You don’t have to form bead ladders from just one bead at a time. You can make two- and three-drop ladders, to see what that means, you’ll have to wait for the video!

Have a go at making a little ladder, keep a good tension so that the beads sit nice and tightly together, then keep your sample ready for having a go at Brick Stitch.

In this video I’m wearing:
Byzantine Cross, made in size 15º Miyuki seed beads (24K gold plated), embellished with Swarovski crystals. When I teach the Byzantine Cross workshop we work in size 11º seed beads, although the pattern also covers the design in sizes 8º, 15º and Czech Charlotte 15º. The instructions will be available soon in my online Beadschool shop.

The next Byzantine Cross workshop is at Stitchncraft – 4th October, 2013.

Materials used in this video:
Fireline 4lb Smoke – Stitchncraft
Flatnose pliers (for flattening the end of the Fireline, for threading) – Stitchncraft
Size 12 needle – Stitchncraft
Matsuno Size 8 seed beads – GJ Beads

Links to suppliers:
GJ Beads


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