Diatom Pendant

Diatom PendantDrifting in the deepest abyss of the ocean or the farthest reaches of outer space, the hollow Diatom structure is both a cyber life form and organic simultaneously. The larger version is big enough to house a hidden crystal that looks like an inner eye and the smaller versions can be embellished with 2mm crystals.

The first Diatom pendant I made was the purple one and, as I love ‘micro’ things, I had to try it on a smaller scale.  I had some smaller spikes with me, scavenged from my son’s broken necklace (which he was never going to want to wear again), and they worked really well with 2mm metallic beads. Then, whilst on holiday, I found a morsel of spikey, beaded trimming, embroidered with real jet beads, and I used the jet spikes with 2mm sterling silver rounds to make a third one (right in the image), and added some delicious little jet glacier AB crystal rounds.

I knew I wanted to write up this design as a workshop but it needed to be made with materials anyone could source so I was really happy when I made the last two little ones with Czech pearls and spike beads and they worked beautifully together.

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