St Olave Necklace and Bracelet

St Olave Bracelet
St Olave Bracelet – Peridot and Light Bronze

I adore London for so many reasons, the architecture, the history, the atmosphere – I could go on and on. It doesn’t matter where you are in the centre of town, just stand still and look up and you will see the most wonderful, rich mix of architectural styles. Everywhere you look there’s something of interest, you’ve just got to look with the ‘right eyes’.



St Olave Bracelet outline
St Olave Bracelet – silhouette

Seeing some interesting looking church railings, whilst up town one day, started me thinking and I began searching for particularly splendid ones. Next came the sketches and then the question “How on Earth am I going to achieve that and be able to wear it?” The answer was more of a statement “I just am!” So the St Olave bracelet is the result and I’m now working on a necklace version. It’s all about structure and the wonderful relationship between size 15⁰ Czech Charlottes, size 15⁰ and size 11⁰ Miyuki seed beads. Of course with this design I had a golden opportunity to play with those fabulous Bohemian Spike beads to reflect the spikes of railings. Then I brought in a component I had toyed with that reminded me of the old Victorian gas lamps, but now the more I look at them the more I’m reminded of a cross between Queen Victoria’s tiny crown and her orb.

I know that by netting over the surface of the Rivolis, I am covering some of their crystal beauty (some may think it’s almost sacrilegious), but what I like and what people most comment on, is the fact that you can see the beautiful crisp edge of the Rivolis. It also produces the effect of a tiny church rose window.

I just had to take the picture of the bracelet with backlighting so you can see its outline. Beads never cease to amaze me with their versatility!

The St Olave necklace was inspired by Victorian and Edwardian church railings.
St Olave necklace – Crystal AB


Seeing the potential for using these components individually or in a different combination I worked the Tatiana Earrings and Tatiana Bracelet.


Moving on from the bracelet, I chose crystal AB beads to work a St Olave necklace structure. It’s really delicate and comfortable to wear. I’ll be teaching this design at Stitchncraft and the Bead & Button Show in 2014. I’m also preparing these as kits – there will be four in all – the last being Light Siam combined with Jet beads!


More colourways for St Olave:

St Olave necklace in Bronze and Peridot
St Olave necklace – Bronze and Peridot

St Olave Necklace - Vitrail Light and Purple Iris
St Olave Necklace – Vitrail Light and Purple Iris

St Olave Necklace in Light Siam and Jet
St Olave Necklace in Light Siam and Jet


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