Nefertiti’s Treasure

Nefertiti's Treasure beaded necklace with Swarovski Cosmic Ring and Rivoli by Melanie de Miguel

Following on from Gorgeous Giorgio and Celestine with her Rivoli eye, I wanted to explore the same principle with those delicious Cosmic Rings from Swarovski. I loved the intricate design that evolved and developed, and had to work an elaborate and rich rope to go with it. Nefertiti’s Treasure drew together influences from Celtic and Byzantine styles and those beautiful intricate latticed walls in Mosques; the Celtic Cross style of embellishment on the Cosmic Ring, the latticework in the rope and the overall opulence of the whole piece says Byzantine to me.

Why then, you may ask, did I christen it Nefertiti’s Treasure?

I just felt that it had an ancient, mystical quality about it and would have been worn by a beautiful, strong and powerful woman.

The instructions for Nefertiti’s Treasure are available in my online shop so you can experiment with your own favourite colours! Unfortunately the kits have sold out.


Nefertiti's Treasure Ceramic Blue Cosmic Ring and Brandy Rivoli by Melanie de Miguel

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