Ziggy Cuff

Ziggy CuffSince my Scintillating Spheres I’d long been wanting to explore what more I could do with beaded molecular structures and finally I had the opportunity last summer (2013). The result was the Ziggy Cuff (I’m an avid Bowie fan). The cuff is composed of 6 repeating ‘creature’ units. I used 4mm Swarovski crystal pearls which were pretty large compared with my normal beads of choice – size 15º Charlottes! Very soon the alien nature of the single unit was apparent and, because it was solid and hollow, it was easy to see the interior, so I just had to put a crystal ‘eye’ inside. When I’d finished the rest of the unit I found the perfect spot for a very large spike – it just beckoned me, and then the other three crystal ‘eyes’ or radioactive controls had to be set over the front face of the creature. I was fascinated with the ‘creature’ unit I’d made and was wondering what I wanted to do with it – I could’ve turned it into a pendant, but I wanted to do something more and could see potential connections, so I added 5 more units! I’ve put the Ziggy pattern in my shop for you.

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