Spring Floral Bracelet

Spring Floral BraceletThe Spring Floral bracelet is a vine entwined around a little garden picket fence, set into a wild flower border, with a big ol’ daisy looking on like Little Weed from Bill and Ben!

Wearing my Spring Floral Bracelet

OK it’s a fantasy vine because every flower is different, but it was such fun to make and always draws lots of comments, so I don’t care if it’s botanically incorrect! I do have plans to make one for each of the other seasons, but I won’t hold my breath. The Summer one will have to have Summer flowers; Autumn will have amazing leaves and maybe a pumpkin on the clasp; Winter could be a problem with no flowers or leaves around – I suppose I could have some hibernating animals, but they’d be curled up in their burrows, so…. hey, I won’t have to bead them, therefore it’ll just be a fence!


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